Don’t settle for online hearing aids Posted by: Wright Hearing Center on January 30, 2019

Some items are totally fine to purchase off-brand. Canned goods, water, cleaning supplies—sure, get the big box store brand. Then, there are those purchases that require a trusted name. Toilet paper, batteries, and household paint are all items that experts say you shouldn’t skimp on when it comes to the name brand. Another critical item that you shouldn’t just grab-and-go without regard to research or name brand? Hearing aids. Not only should you never settle for discounted hearing aids sold at bulk stores, you should never purchase them online. Hearing loss is a serious condition that requires appropriate diagnosis and management by a trusted expert. Here are a few reasons why you should only go to the pros when it comes to handling your hearing:

1. An expert will know the right product for you

Identifying the right hearing aid for a client requires a deep understanding of the products and user requirement. This usually happens over the course of at least a half hour discussion where your hearing care professional understands your needs and makes a selection on the basis of your age, your listening requirements, your professional requirements, your cosmetic needs, your budget, phone and TV usage, and what type of instrument will best suit your hearing loss. If you buy hearing aids online, you compromise your care. Likewise, if you purchase from a big box retailer, you’re forgoing the expert care necessary to ensure you achieve better hearing. According to Todd Wright, longtime owner of Wright Hearing Center, there are numerous complexities involved in hearing loss and in the devices designed to help you hear better that only a professional hearing loss expert will fully comprehend.

“Many people are unaware of how high-maintenance hearing aids can be. They buy hearing aids online or at a store that sells in bulk, and then when they need help, what is the follow-up care? At Wright’s, we can typically get someone in same day,” says Wright.

Additionally, many devices may look alike—even identical—but can have hidden complexities that can make all the difference in the quality of the hearing aid.

“Two different hearing aids can have cases that look exactly the same, but they’ll function completely different. The average person won’t be able to look at them and tell the difference, but it can be like comparing a Chevy to a Cadillac,” he explains. That product knowledge makes all the difference in being able to find the perfect fit for your ears and your hearing.

At Wright Hearing, every patient is treated like family. With seven locations across the State of Alabama, the practice demonstrates personalized hearing care for each patient, every time. They offer a FREE consultation to determine your specific needs, then the experienced team at Wright Hearing will provide personalized hearing aid fittings with NO obligation trial period, custom earmold impressions, batteries, and a host of other valuable services.

2. Programming is required for the aids to work effectively

Everyone has a graph with unique hearing thresholds and unique shape of the ear canal.

Hearing aids are programmed for your specific hearing loss and the requirements of your listening environment. At Wright Hearing, at the time of fitting, a knowledgeable hearing aid specialist performs special tests to ensure the comfort of your hearing instruments, all the while taking into account the size and volume of your ear canal. Buying digital hearing aids online or from some kiosk at a big-box store inevitably ends up being both a waste of money and technology if the aids are not fitted appropriately by a hearing care professional. Your hearing loss is as unique as you are, so customization is essential to ensuring you never miss another word of the conversation.

According to Wright, you may have as many as three to five fittings before you’re hearing aids are just right for you. “No matter the amount of time the patient needs to get their aids adjusted, we believe in doing whatever it takes to get you paired up with the most appropriate product and then making sure it works optimally for you,”notes Wright.

3. Ongoing service and care is critical

Hearing aids should never be considered “over-the-counter” products. They require multiple follow-up visits with your hearing care professional to fine-tune the hearing aids to your ever-changing loss. Instruments are used for four to five years before a change or upgrade, so during this period you’re likely to build a good rapport with a professional who fully understands your needs.

Hearing aids require maintenance as well. “Many folks don’t realize that these hearing aids are technology advancements that require special care in order for them to work appropriately,” says Wright. “Wax is going to get in them, and when that happens, you won’t be able to hear as well. Most aids require a minimum cleaning every 90 days, and cleaning the aids at home incorrectly could cause damage to the product.”

The experts at Wright Hearing Center are ready, willing and able to program your hearing aids based on your unique needs. And with same-day appointments available, you can rest assured that any adjustments necessary can be handled quickly.

4. Money matters

Buying a hearing aid from Wright Hearing Center includes a full-service package which covers all adjustments and cleanings for as long as you own the hearing aid. Being independently owned allows Wrights’s the ability to order hearing aids from all major manufacturers, essentially getting you any hearing aid you desire at the guaranteed lowest price possible.

6. Experience makes all the difference

Wright Hearing Center has been in the business of improving hearing for 49 years. They opened their doors in 1970, with Todd Wright joining the family business in 1983. Now in its third generation, Wright and his two sons all work together to improve the quality of hearing across their seven locations statewide. “We’ve been doing this for such a long time that it’s almost like second-nature,” says Wright. “We have the product knowledge and the complete understanding of the technological complexities of hearing aids to deliver the best possible outcomes for the people we serve. We’ve found that when we do all we can for our patients, they end up with the help they need to improve their hearing. That’s just the way we do business, and it’s worked well for us.”

If you’re looking to address your hearing loss issues, never settle for less than personalized, expert service. Your hearing needs are unique to you and of the utmost importance to the team at Wright Hearing Center. Click here today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation or call 888-547-2373 and explore the options available to you.