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The Best New Year’s Resolution: Helping Your Loved One Hear Again Posted by: Wright Hearing Center on January 18, 2016

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person who has it. It also affects spouses, family members and friends. From frustration with having to repeat things over and over to heartbreak at seeing someone you care about isolate themselves from the people and activities they love, the negative effects of hearing loss cast a wide net. ...Read More

Hidden Risk Factors Associated With Hearing Loss Posted by: dwadmin on December 15, 2015

Did you know that your hearing health has a direct effect on your overall health?  Hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons. Some causes can be natural and others would surprise you. One of the most common causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises. Another reason is as people age, they ...Read More

Patients give thanks, as we do Posted by: dwadmin on November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for all of us as we get to take a break from our busy schedules to share gratitude with those we are close to. Yet, at our practice we thrive off of thankfulness all year long. Very often do we receive notes of praise from happy patients that ...Read More

Welcome to our Blog Posted by: dwadmin on September 1, 2015

With all of the confusion and conflicting messages that exist today around the impacts of hearing loss, what hearing aids can and cannot do and the process for purchasing a hearing aid, we want to provide insights to help clear up these topics. By doing so, we hope to help more individuals suffering from hearing ...Read More