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Our Practice

Wright Hearing Centers was founded on two simple truths–that hearing is a vital sense that plays a significant role in your quality of life and that hearing loss affects everyone uniquely. That’s why we work to solve hearing problems one individual at a time. We provided personalized attention along with the diagnostics, education, customized products, and rehabilitation necessary to make sure your hearing health care needs are met both short and long term.

Our Staff

Todd Wright, BC-HIS, Owner

Joshua Wright, BC-HIS

Matthew Wright, HIS

Dr. Valerie Miller-Farrar, Au.D.,CCC-A

Julie Humphrey, HIS

Blake Erwin, HAS

Cindy Brown, HIS


Our Commitment

Our commitment to patient care was built around the mutual agreement of honor, integrity and trust with each patient. As a part of the nationwide NuEar® network, we aim to provide the greatest hearing care experience possible by abiding to the following standards that define Hearing Independence:

  1. Comprehensive EvaluationWe evaluate your hearing, communication needs and goals for your life.
  2. Recommend Only What Needs RecommendingBecause we evaluate all your hearing and communication needs, we will recommend a treatment plan that is unique to you and designed to meet your needs.
  3. Clear Understanding of the Hearing Journey and ResultsWe make sure that you understand what steps will be taken on your journey to better hearing and what the realistic outcomes are for those steps.
  4. Seeing and Hearing the BenefitWe will verify that the hearing instruments and accessories that go with them are working and provide the benefit that you need. This verification may be done through several clinically adopted tools such as Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping or Sound Field Verification.
  5. Treatment is More Than Just an Office VisitWe work with you to create a long-term treatment plan, define follow-up appointments, perform regular ongoing evaluations, and any additional care that you may need to make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the years to come.
  6. Warranty for One, Warranty for AllWhen you work with NuEar®, you are working not only with your local hearing healthcare professionals, but also the national network that will honor the warranty and support and service guarantees on all NuEar® products.
  7. Commitment for a LifetimeAll NuEar® products receive free cleanings and testing for their lifetime.

We are a proud part of the largest and only American-owned and innovated hearing aid company. We proudly providing better hearing as individualized as the people who wear our hearing aids.

We offer:

  • On-site parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Fresh hot coffee and treats daily
  • Free in-home testing and services. Available weekdays, evenings and Saturdays by appointment.